Alexandria Twp, Hunterdon Co, NJ Meeting Minutes - Index

Hunterdon County, New Jersey Town Meetings 1760-1885
(This index and the referenced pages are only for Alexandria Township, 1765-1837, however see Notes.)
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last change to index - 5 Apr 2019, 6:00 PM MST

Notes - A number within parentheses indicates the number of times the name appears on the referenced page.
        Some pages are partially illegible.
        There are a few pages out of chronological sequence.
        At times, names of seemingly the same person are spelled differently on different pages; each name is indexed as written on the pages and no assumptions are made.
        Some pages seem repeated, however the pages were left as received and all pages are indexed.
        Question marks are used in the index when a name/word is unsure.
        Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey was created 5 Mar 1765.
        There seems to be a few pages pertaining to Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey and a couple of pages pertaining to Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County,
          New Jersey.
        Please send any corrections or questions Marshall Lake.

Aaronson, John                   p178
Abbett, Leon                     p608
Abbott, Nelson                   p466, p469, p526, p529
Abel, Enoch                      p354
Abel, George W                   p540, p542, p545, p548, p550, p553, p555, p557, p564, p566, p567, p568, p569 (2)
Abel, Levi B                     p589
Abel, Levi V                     p596, p597, p598
Able, Enoch                      p332, p341
Abram, Garnet B                  p372, p373
Achlin, John                     p165
Ackerman, Peter J                p288
Acrison, Peaison                 p267
Adams, Evi                       p080, p081
Adran, Garnet B                  p362
Alexander, William C             p362
Allen, Daniel                    p369
Allen, Elijah                    p108
Allen, Elisha                    p099
Allen, J B                       p076, p079, p088, p090, p093 (2), p097, p098, p101, p102, p103, p110, p112, p113
Allen, John B                    p073, p080, p081, p082, p085
Aller, Henry                     p050
Aller, John                      p682
Aller, Peter H                   p314
Allpaugh, Peter                  p191
Alpaugh, C                       p487
Alpaugh, Charles                 p426, p429, p431, p436, p438, p443, p444 (2), p447, p453, p461, p468, p472, p474 (2), p477 (2), p478 (2), p481, p485, p493, p496 (3),
                                 p498 (2), p504, p505, p506, p516 (2), p518 (2), p519 (2), p521 (2), p523 (3), p527, p531, p532 (2), p533 (2), p535 (2), p537 (2),
                                 p541, p544, p546 (2), p547 (2), p549 (2), p553, p555
Alpaugh, George P                p221, p223, p226 (2), p229, p232
Alpaugh, George V                p248
Alpaugh, J B                     p438, p442
Alpaugh, John B                  p379, p391, p392, p394, p396, p398, p400, p405, p408, p410, p411, p412, p414, p416, p418, p420, p421, p425, p427, p428, p430, p432,
                                 p434, p437
Alpaugh, P V                     p388
Alpaugh, Peter                   p226, p267
Alpaugh, William                 p226, p245, p258, p267
Alpaugh, William C               p332, p343, p387, p393, p417, p419, p477, p478, p485, p496, p504, p505, p506, p507, p510, p511, p514, p518, p519, p523
Alpaugh, Woolsey H               p441, p443, p444
Alpock, Peter                    p006
Amerman, D H                     p505, p506
Anders, Paul                     p012
Anderson, Jacob                  p027, p058, p064, p066, p067, p088
Anderson, Jacob R                p452
Anderson, John                   p023, p027, p037
Anderson, Joshua                 p034, p041
Anderson, Peter H                p584
Angel, Charles W                 p446, p447, p449, p452, p455, p456, p466, p469
Angel, John                      p165, p191, p245, p267
Angel, William                   p285
Angel, Wilson                    p572
Angle, John                      p170, p258, p350
Anwine, Samuel                   p064, p067
Apgar, Frederick                 p255, p263, p627
Apgar, George                    p345
Apgar, George A                  p372, p373
Apgar, Jacob                     p181, p366
Apgar, John                      p321, p328, p350, p352 (2), p356 (2), p365, p367 (2), p375, p377 (2), p414 (2), p415 (2), p417, p419, p421, p423 (2), p424 (2), p426,
                                 p429, p433, p443, p461, p474, p477, p478, p485, p487 (2), p496, p498 (2), p516 (2), p518, p519, p520, p521 (2), p523, p531, p532, p533,
                                 p534, p535 (2), p546, p547, p549 (2), p554 (2), p556, p558 (2), p565, p567, p568 (2), p570, p572, p576 (2), p586, p587 (2), p590, p596,
                                 p599, p600 (2), p603, p606
Apgar, Philip                    p527, p541, p544, p552, p561, p567, p568 (2), p570 (2), p572, p573, p574, p582, p585, p589, p593, p596, p597, p598, p601, p603, p605 (2),
Apgar, Phillip                   p523, p531 (2), p532, p533, p546, p547, p553, p555, p556 (2)
Apgar, William                   p245
Apgar, William M                 p572
Appgar, John                     p358
Armstrong, James F               p029
Armstrong, Robert V              p288
Arnwine, Samuel                  p058, p066
Arrison, Pierson                 p285
Arvis, ? Christopher             p632
Atkinson, Joseph                 p023, p027
Autwater, John                   p080, p081
Aycrigg, John B                  p252, p673, p679
Ayerigg, John B                  p178, p203, p214, p641
Baileu, Nathan B                 p425, p427
Baily, James                     p008
Bake, Ezra                       p623
Baker, Daniel                    p159
Baker, Ezra                      p104
Baldwin, Jonathan                p027, p034
Balleit, William                 p573
Banghart, Abraham                p195, p669, p679
Banghart, Andrew                 p271, p288
Banghart, David H                p435, p490, p492, p493
Banghart, Thomas                 p168, p406, p480 (2), p481, p483, p601
Barber, John                     p168, p172, p183, p186, p187, p639, p669 (2), p675, p682 (3)
Barber, Samuel                   p101, p104, p610, p612, p614, p619, p621, p623
Barcroft, Ambrose                p380, p381, p403
Barcroft, James                  p682
Barkalow, Daniel                 p252, p641
Barnet, Oliver                   p061
Barrett, William                 p178
Bartless, Andrew                 p034
Bartless, Charles                p406
Bartolette, Charles              p321
Bartolette, Thomas               p387, p388
Bartolette, Thomas M             p375, p393, p417, p419
Barton, John                     p682
Bartow, John                     p141, p145, p159, p172
Bateman, Ephraim                 p115, p127, p623
Bateman, Ephraman                p104
Baughart, Abraham                p203
Bauman, Leonard N                p172
Beasley, Maurice                 p175
Beatman, Ephrem                  p121
Beatty, George W                 p406
Beatty, John                     p029, p074, p075, p093
Beaty, George W                  p379, p403
Beaty, John                      p082
Beavers, J N                     p037
Beavers, Joseph                  p023, p027, p039, p041, p043, p045, p048
Beavers, Joseph (Colonel)        p018, p019, p021
Beavers, Peter A                 p446, p447, p449
Bedle, Joseph D                  p539
Beldon, Heber C                  p579, p581, p582
Belis, Richard                   p466
Bellis, Harbet                   p226
Bellis, John W                   p635
Bellis, Richard                  p469, p480, p490, p492, p493
Bellis, Thomas                   p483
Bellis, Wesley                   p539, p540, p543, p544
Benes, Thomas                    p104, p623
Benjamen, Jacob                  p062
Bennet, Benjamin                 p104, p623
Bennet, Hiram                    p314, p326
Bennet, Isaac                    p198
Bennett, Benjamin                p115
Berthoud, Alexander P            p397
Beson, Joseph                    p631, p633
Besson, J                        p643, p644
Besson, Joseph                   p242, p277, p281, p282, p283, p643, p644
Besson, ------                   p254, p257, p259, p261, p264, p266, p268, p270, p274, p276, p278, p279, p281, p282, p284, p286, p287, p291, p626, p628, p629, p631,
                                 p633, p634
Bevans, Sidney B                 p509, p513
Bevers, Joseph                   p014
Bidleman, George                 p085
Bigelow, Moses                   p215, p673
Bingham, Rodolphus               p560
Bird, Elisha                     p020
Bird, James                      p006
Bird, James Sr                   p019, p021
Bird, John F                     p466, p471, p492
Bird, John L                     p490
Bishop, David                    p088, p090
Bishop, James                    p341, p362, p363
Black, George                    p326
Black, John                      p080, p081
Blackwell, Clinton B             p578, p581, p582
Blackwell, J J                   p610, p612
Blackwell, John J                p614, p615
Blackwell, ------                p097, p102, p103, p105, p106, p107, p111, p114, p116, p118, p120, p122, p124, p126, p128, p132, p133, p135, p136, p138, p140, p143, p144,
                                 p153, p154, p156, p613, p620, p622
Blackwell, J T                   p150
Blackwell, John T                p132, p133, p135, p136, p143, p144, p147, p148
Blair, Dewitt C                  p592, p593
Blair, John L                    p466, p471
Blake, Hiram                     p271
Blake, John L                    p551
Blane, John                      p193, p195, p200, p205, p406, p677
Bloome, Harbert                  p170
Bloom, Daniel                    p447
Bloom, David                     p477 (2), p478 (2), p485 (2), p496 (2)
Bloom, John                      p146, p159, p162, p165 (3), p168, p170, p198, p212, p220, p258, p267, p283, p285, p303
Bloom, John Jr                   p245
Bloom, John Sr                   p191, p226
Bloom, Lew U                     p573, p574
Bloom, P C                       p423, p424, p425, p427, p429, p431, p433, p436, p438, p441, p443, p444
Bloom, Peter                     p010, p019, p021
Bloom, Peter A                   p345, p358, p375, p425, p427
Bloom, Peter C                   p426, p429, p443
Bloom, Richard                   p463, p464, p467, p474, p477 (2), p478 (2), p532, p533, p590
Bloom, W D                       p606
Bloom, William D                 p567, p569 (2), p570, p572, p575, p590, p595, p603
Bloom, William V                 p556, p567, p569 (2), p570, p572, p575, p590, p595, p603
Bloomfield, Joseph               p029, p031, p039, p115, p121
Blue, Ezekiel                    p646 (2), p648, p650, p657 (2), p659 (2), p661 (2), p667 (2), p671 (3)
Blue, Jonathan H                 p661
Blunt, John A                    p350
Bodine, John                     p205, p208, p218, p669, p675, p677
Boid, Adam                       p093
Boileau, Nathan B                p443
Boileu, Nathaniel B              p429
Bollyses, Lemuel                 p332
Bonell, Clement H                p539, p540
Bonell, G W                      p556
Bonell, George                   p485
Bonell, George W                 p518, p519, p523, p531
Bonell, William                  p519, p523, p532, p533
Bonnel, Alexander                p027, p043, p045, p048
Bonnel, Alexander V              p232, p326
Bonnel, Clement                  p058
Bonnel, John                     p191 (2), p198, p212 (2)
Bonnell, Alexander               p222
Bonnell, Alexander V             p228, p655, p662, p664
Bonnell, Clement H               p490, p492, p493
Bonnell, G H                     p483
Bonnell, G W                     p546
Bonnell, George                  p426, p429, p443
Bonnell, George W                p461, p462, p466, p496
Bonnell, John                    p170 (2)
Bonnell, Joseph                  p563
Bonnell, William                 p463, p464, p467, p477, p478, p483, p489, p496, p499, p501, p510, p511, p514, p518, p529, p552, p554 (2), p558 (2), p561, p565 (2),
                                 p567 (2), p568, p569 (2), p570 (2), p572, p574, p575, p576 (2), p578, p585, p587 (2), p589, p590 (2), p593, p595, p597, p598, p600 (2),
                                 p601, p603 (2), p605
Booth, Aaron                     p332
Boppe, John A                    p509, p513
Borleau, Nathaniel B             p456
Bosenburey, Eli                  p584
Boss, William                    p165, p212, p220, p226, p245, p258, p267
Boswell, William                 p200
Bowen, William S                 p326
Bowne, Joseph G                  p452, p455
Bowlby, Thomas                   p050
Boyd, Adam                       p061, p074, p075, p082, p085
Bradley, Joseph P                p465, p470, p471
Bray, Daniel                     p043, p045, p048
Bray, John W                     p172
Bray, Wilson                     p172, p193, p195, p584
Bretter, John                    p285
Brewer, Edmund                   p397
Brewer, Richard                  p682
Brewster, Ezra                   p222, p228, p232, p655, p664
Brey, Wilson                     p159, p168
Brick, Joshua                    p183, p186, p187, p288
Brink, John                      p020
Britain, Nathaniel               p008
Brittain, James                  p646
Brittain, Samuel                 p646
Brittin, William                 p178
Britton, Eli                     p417, p419, p429
Britton, Ely                     p425, p427
Britton, Samuel                  p172
Britton, Samuel H                p326, p332, p343, p385, p387, p388, p409, p417, p419
Britton, William                 p395
Brothers, John P                 p601
Brown, Abraham                   p151
Brown, George H                  p326
Brown, Isaac G                   p288
Brown, Joseph                    p193, p195
Browning, Abraham                p508, p513
Buck, John                       p137
Buckhannan, ------               p625
Buckly, Benjamin                 p551
Budd, Joseph                     p127
Budd, Samuel W                   p176
Bullock, Edward R                p332, p452, p455
Bunn, Jacob                      p014, p481, p493, p504, p523 (2), p527, p572, p573
Bunn, John                       p165
Bunn, John E                     p245, p258, p267, p348
Bunn, Joshua                     p121
Bunn, Mathas                     p358
Bunn, Mathias                    p258, p267, p285 (2), p345 (2), p350, p358 (2), p360, p363, p365
Bunn, Matthias                   p226, p245, p341
Bunn, William                    p350, p358, p365, p426, p429, p443, p450, p456, p459, p462 (2), p474, p475, p477, p478, p485, p496, p499, p501, p518, p519, p523,
                                 p531, p546, p552, p561, p567, p568 (2), p570 (2), p572, p573, p574, p578, p585, p589, p590, p593, p596, p597, p598, p601, p603, p605
Bunnel, John                     p165 (3)
Bunnell, William                 p556
Burghstresor, Joseph             p426
Burgin, George                   p080, p081
Burgstresser, Joseph             p393, p417, p419
Burr, Josiah L                   p178
Burroughs, Charles               p288
Burroughs, Jesse H               p667
Burrowis, Stephen                p088
Burrows, Stephen                 p037, p043, p045, p048, p050, p055, p058, p064, p066, p067, p074, p075, p079, p090
Burwell, David S                 p409
Bush, Egbert T                   p608
Butler, John                     p429, p432, p433 (2), p443, p461, p474, p576
Buttler, John                    p572, p576
Byrnes, Timothy A                p592
Cadwalleder, Thomas              p149
Cadwallider, Lambert             p029
Camp, Eli                        p369, p370
Campfield, William               p061, p082
Canop, ? William H               p551
Capner, Thomas                   p125, p129, p131, p141, p145, p149, p159
Capner, William R                p203
Carhart, Charles                 p121, p123, p125
Carhart, Cornelos                p006
Carhart, ------                  p667
Carpenter, Georg                 p267
Carpenter, George                p258, p283, p285
Carpenter, John                  p507, p510, p511, p514, p525
Carpenter, John Jr               p529
Carpenter, Thom P                p362, p363
Carpenter, William H             p578, p581, p582
Carr, Joseph Jr                  p551
Carter, Benjamin F               p551
Case, Adam                       p623
Case, Christopher                p667
Case, George W                   p098, p618
Case, Godfrey F                  p267
Case, J H                        p643, p644
Case, James M                    p369, p370, p372, p373, p379, p403, p406
Case, John                       p285, p303, p321, p365, p375, p417, p419, p426, p429, p531, p546
Case, John E                     p556
Case, John H                     p232, p242, p643, p644, p655
Case, John M                     p372, p373
Case, Joseph                     p682
Case, Levi                       p350
Case, Mathias                    p682
Case, Peter Jr                   p165, p170
Case, Samuel                     p682
Case, William                    p212, p245, p258
Case, William J                  p552
Case, William V                  p387, p393
Case, William W                  p226
Casedy, George                   p131
Cassady, George                  p127
Cassedy, George                  p137, p145, p151
Cassedy, John                    p215, p673
Caughlin, David                  p258, p267, p283, p307, p343
Caughner, John                   p131
Cavanagh, John                   p121, p131
Cavanaugh, John                  p123, p125
Chamberlain, Amphus B            p242
Chamberlain, David               p332
Chamberlin, A                    p643, p644
Chamberlin, A B                  p255, p263, p296, p297, p627, p643, p644
Chamberlin, A D                  p293, p294
Chamberlin, Amplius B            p326, p643 (3), p644 (3), p682
Chamberlin, Cilvester            p267
Chamberlin, David                p446, p447, p449
Chamberlin, Joseph               p012, p014, p018 (2), p312
Chamberlin, Sylvester            p283
Chamberlin, ------               p293, p294, p296, p297, p299
Chamberline, Joseph              p020
Chamberline, Luis                p018
Cherey, John                     p079
Cherry, John                     p064, p066, p067
Cherry, Thomas                   p369, p370
Chetwood, William                p178
Clark, Abraham                   p030, p031
Clark, Alvah A                   p551, p552, p579, p581
Clark, Amos                      p466
Clark, Amos Jr                   p471, p509, p513
Clark, John J                    p584
Clark, Peter I                   p168, p172, p230, p233, p234, p235, p236, p237, p243, p244, p246, p247, p248, p249, p363, p639, p665, p666, p670
Clark, Peter S                   p210, p211, p224, p225
Clark, William N                 p572, p573, p582
Clark, ------                    p207, p210, p211, p216, p217, p219, p221, p223, p224, p225, p227, p229, p230, p233, p234, p235, p236, p237, p243, p244, p246, p247, p249,
                                 p251, p636, p638, p640, p642, p645, p649, p651, p652, p656, p658, p660, p663, p665, p666, p668, p670, p674
Clemet, John                     p151
Clifford, E                      p159
Clifford, Enoch                  p117, p119, p127, p134, p139, p141, p145, p149, p155, p168, p172
Cline, Peter A                   p203
Cole, John                       p572
Cole, Peter                      p348, p350, p358 (2), p360, p363, p365 (2), p370, p373, p375, p379, p385, p387 (2), p388, p390
Cole, William                    p573, p574
Colifan, William                 p115
Colwin, Steven                   p020
Combs, Isaac                     p155, p157, p168, p172
Condate, Silas                   p363
Condict, Lewis                   p093, p104, p127, p129, p137, p145, p162, p176, p183, p186, p187, p215, p673
Condit, John                     p039, p052, p061, p121
Condit, Lewis                    p131, p151, p623
Condit, Silas                    p039, p162, p397
Conover, Abraham                 p682
Conover, David                   p553, p555
Conover, Elias B                 p669
Conover, J T                     p547, p553, p555
Conover, Nathan S                p584
Conover, William J               p151
Conrad, L                        p523, p532, p533
Coogler, James                   p354
Cook, James                      p137
Cook, Philetius                  p286, p287, p307
Cook, William                    p397
Cooks, Daniel                    p066
Cool, Henry                      p267
Cooley, J V                      p573, p574
Cooley, John B                   p456
Cooley, John L                   p258, p267, p285
Cooley, Philip                   p170
Cooley, Samuel                   p149, p165, p170, p181, p198 (2), p200, p205
Cooley, William V                p326
Coon, John C                     p579, p581, p582
Cooper, Amos                     p061
Cooper, Benjamin B               p145
Cooper, Joseph                   p039
Cooper, Richard M                p151, p162
Cooper, William R                p214, p673, p679
Core, Richard                    p157
Cornelison, John M               p178
Coryell, Alexander               p657, p661, p667
Coryell, John                    p074, p075, p079, p088, p090, p097, p098
Cosce, William                   p061
Coughlin, David                  p345, p375
Cougler, James                   p248
Covenhoven, John                 p610, p612
Cowan, John                      p008 (2)
Cowdrick, Maurice                p682
Cowen, John                      p006, p010, p312
Cownover, William                p191
Cox, James                       p082
Cox, William                     p082
Coxe, Charles                    p023
Coxe, Richard                    p121
Coxe, Richard (Colonel)          p119
Coxe, William                    p052
Coy, John                        p008
Craft, Noah                      p646
Craig, Moses                     p252, p641
Crane, Joseph                    p061
Creveling, George                p523, p573 (3), p574 (2)
Creveling, Jacob                 p226, p245
Cronce, H W                      p603
Cronce, Hiram                    p568, p570, p590, p596
Crowell, John                    p115, p127
Cubard, Bregond                  p018
Cumming, John N                  p104, p623
Curtis, David                    p027, p572, p573
Curtis, Jonathan                 p018
Curtis, Thomas                   p043
Daley, Peter S                   p539, p540
Dallas, Edmund                   p181
Dalrumpel, James                 p165
Dalrympel, Samuel                p393, p426
Dalrymple, Aaron                 p258
Dalrymple, Eli                   p474
Dalrymple, James                 p170, p212, p258, p267, p283, p285 (2), p328
Dalrymple, S B                   p596, p603, p606
Dalrymple, Samuel                p387
Dalrymple, Samuel M              p417, p419, p429
Dalrymple, William               p226
Dalymple, James                  p191
Darby, Ezra                      p074, p075, p085
Darcey, John S                   p288
Davenport, Charles F             p508, p513
Davenport, Franklin              p052
Davernport, Franklin             p061
Davidson, John                   p446, p447
Davis, A C                       p644
Davis, Adam C                    p242, p643 (2), p644 (2)
Davis, David                     p507, p510, p511, p514
Davis, Joseph                    p155, p159, p184, p185, p187, p188
Davis, Joseph C                  p181
Davis, Peter                     p006
Davison, John                    p449
Dawes, Jonathan                  p218, p222, p228, p662, p664, p669
Dawes, William H                 p417, p419
Dayton, Jonathan                 p029, p039
Decker, Sylvanus W               p303
Dean, William                    p490, p492, p493, p543, p544
Delap, John                      p010, p014
Demarest, Ralph S                p465, p470, p471
Demun, William                   p098, p101, p104, p110, p618, p621, p623
Denis, Benjamin W                p155, p157
Dennis, Benjamin W               p149
Depue, John                      p215, p673
Derumple, William M              p260 (2), p298, p300
Dialouge, John H                 p592
Dickeson, Philemon               p203
Dickenson, Silas                 p061
Dickerson, Philemon              p176, p183, p186, p187, p214, p673, p679
Dilts, Jacob                     p088, p104, p623
Dilts, James                     p379
Diltz, Jacob                     p076, p079
Dixon, Jonathan                  p608
Dodd, John                       p137
Dollas, Edmund                   p184, p185, p187, p188, p193
Doughty, John                    p061
Dowers, John                     p079
Dubois, David                    p137
Duckworth, J M                   p487, p496, p498, p516, p521, p582
Duckworth, James M               p348, p358, p360, p375, p377 (2), p385, p387, p388, p440, p477 (2), p478 (2), p485, p487, p496, p498, p516, p518 (2), p519, p520, p521,
                                 p523 (2), p572, p573
Duckworth, John                  p076, p079, p080, p081, p082, p085, p088, p170, p183, p185, p187, p188, p226
Duckworth, John E                p669
Duckworth, William J             p531, p546, p556, p567, p568 (2), p570, p572, p590, p596
Dunham, Aaron                    p016
Dunham, Asa C                    p139, p141, p145
Dunham, Azariah                  p271
Dunham, David                    p480, p481, p483
Dunham, Nehemiah                 p037
Dunn, James T                    p137
Durham, Jacob S                  p601
Durham, John C                   p551
Durham, Nicholas O               p646, p657, p661
Dusembery, John                  p074, p075, p079
Dusenberry, John                 p006, p008, p010, p012
Eaton, Joseph                    p205
Eckel, A B                       p459, p462
Eckel, H ?                       p375
Eckel, John                      p198
Eckel, John H                    p206, p209, p212 (2), p215
Eckel, John Jr                   p191
Eckel, L C                       p481, p493, p504, p505, p506
Eckel, Paul H                    p572, p575, p582
Eckel, Peter                     p345, p350, p450, p572
Eckel, S C                       p365
Eckel, S V                       p481, p527
Eckel, Samuel C                  p286, p287, p358
Eckel, Samuel V                  p461, p469, p518, p519, p523
Eckle, Peter                     p258, p267, p285
Eckle, Samuel C                  p292
Ecklin, George                   p191
Eckman, Jacob                    p019, p020, p021
Edsall, Benjamin B               p307
Edsall, Joseph E                 p263
Egbert, Benjamin                 p080, p081, p129
Egbert, William                  p205, p241, p245, p258, p267
Eichlin, John                    p429, p443
Elmer, Ebenezer                  p052, p061, p074, p075, p085
Elmer, Jonathan                  p080, p081
Elmer, Jonathin                  p061
Elmer, Timothy                   p151
Ely, Allison                     p178
Ely, John J                      p151
Emery, Jacob                     p553, p555, p567, p568 (2), p570, p573, p574, p589, p596, p597, p598
Emery, ------                    p302, p304, p305, p306, p308, p313, p316, p318, p320, p322, p323, p325, p327, p329, p331, p333, p335, p337, p340, p341, p342
Emery, William                   p322, p323, p324 (2), p344 (2), p346 (2)
Emley, John                      p253, p312, p641
Emly, John ?                     p014
Emmans, Andrew                   p682
Ent, Charles                     p090, p091, p092, p095, p110, p117, p119, p611
Ent, Thomas                      p286, p287, p307
Evans, George A                  p435, p436
Eveland, John                    p578, p581, p582
Everit, Samuel                   p020
Everit, Samuel Jr                p019, p021
Everitt, Benjamin                p298, p300
Everitt, Daniel                  p165
Everitt, James                   p006, p008
Everitt, M H                     p491
Everitt, M K                     p485, p488, p495, p497, p499, p501, p502, p505, p506, p534, p536
Everitt, Moses K                 p450, p480, p483
Everitt, Samuel                  p006, p008, p010, p012 (2), p014 (2), p312 (3)
Everitt, William                 p006, p008, p010, p012
Everitt, ------                  p510, p511, p514, p517, p522, p524, p528, p530, p538
Ewing, Charles                   p110, p115
Ewing, Peter                     p682
Ewing, William B                 p104, p623
Exton, Joseph                    p181, p208, p675, p677
Fackenthall, James               p578, p581, p582
Fairchild, Stephen               p215, p673
Falone, William L                p628, p629
Farlee, I G                      p189, p190
Farlee, Isaac                    p149, p158
Farlee, Isaac G                  p119, p121, p123, p129, p137, p145, p185, p186, p187, p188, p197, p201, p202, p232, p252, p641, p655
Farlee, John R                   p341
Farlee, ------                   p160, p161, p166, p167, p169, p171, p173, p174, p177, p179, p180, p182, p185, p189, p190, p192, p194, p196, p199, p201, p202, p204, p676,
                                 p678, p681
Farley, I G                      p165
Farley, Isaac G                  p155, p157, p163, p164, p263
Farley, John                     p110
Farley, Oliver W                 p209, p218, p675
Farly , Oliver W                 p669
Farman, Peter                    p155
Farnsworth, John                 p006
Felkill, William                 p258
Fethian, Joab                    p061
Fetzer, Isaac Y                  p285
Filkill, William                 p245
Fine, Andrew                     p198
Fine, Andrew M                   p191
Fine, John S                     p267, p285
Fine, Philip                     p312
Firhin, P                        p623, p624
Fisher, Caleb F                  p314, p632 (2), p646 (2), p657, p661, p671
Fisher, Christopher              p632, p646
Fisher, Henry H                  p172
Fisher, Jacob                    p326
Fisher, Jacob R                  p500, p504
Fisher, James J                  p242, p643, p682
Fisher, Joseph                   p321, p328
Fisher, Peter                    p066, p621, p625
Fisher, Peter R                  p149, p159, p168
Fisher, Tunis                    p632, p639
Fisher, William W                p682
Fisher, ------                   p328
Fleming, William                 p226, p245, p258
Flomerfelt, Leonard N            p218, p222, p228, p662, p664
Flomervelt, Leonard F            p193
Fluck, F G                       p429
Flumerfelt, Leonard N            p669
Force, Jacob ?                   p573, p574
Force, Manning                   p203, p679
Ford, Henry A                    p288, p362
Forman, Mortimer P               p483
Forman, Peter                    p139, p157
Fornslen, Peter                  p149
Fort, George F                   p307, p362
Foster, Robert                   p263, p362, p363
Fowler, Samuel                   p151, p162, p176, p183, p186, p187
Fox, Jacob                       p258, p267, p285
Fox, Jacob R                     p267, p283, p285
Frazer, David                    p027, p034
Frelinghuysen, Fredrick          p061
Frelinghuysen, John              p104, p115, p623
Frelinghuysen, Theodore          p151
Fritts, Joseph                   p255, p263, p627
Fritts, Morris M                 p563
Furman, John E                   p165
Furman, Mortimer P               p490, p492, p493
Gaddis, George W                 p650 (2), p657, p661 (2), p667
Gano, Richard                    p165, p170
Gano, Samuel                     p226, p245, p258
Gano, Stephen                    p016, p023, p024, p029, p031, p034, p037, p039, p041, p043, p045, p048, p050, p052, p055, p058, p095, p097, p098, p101, p102, p103, p108,
                                 p110, p112, p113, p115, p117, p119, p121, p123, p125, p127, p129, p131
Gano, William                    p018 (2)
Garison, Daniel                  p115
Garison, Sutphen                 p157, p159
Garison, Sutphin                 p168
Garren, John L                   p258
Garrison, Cornelius G            p326
Garrison, Daniel                 p131, p137, p145
Garrison, Sutphin                p181, p183, p186, p187
Gary, J                          p682
Gary, Jeremiah                   p669, p682
Gaston, Hugh M                   p509, p513
Gaunt, Franklin                  p551
Geary, Nelson                    p603
George, Charles                  p203, p679
Gepheart, Andrew                 p020
Gibson, James                    p165, p170, p191, p226, p285
Gibson, ------                   p573, p574
Giles, James                     p104, p623
Glass, George                    p018
Glover, Jacob                    p137
Glover, Paul                     p018
Godfrey, Hezkiah W               p288
Godley, Augustus                 p372, p373
Godley, William                  p076, p079, p088, p090
Godwin, Abraham                  p151, p253, p641
Gorden, Peter                    p064, p067
Gordon, Peter                    p055, p059
Graft, William                   p671
Grander, John                    p578
Grandin, John F                  p581, p582
Graham, ------                   p326
Gray, Samuel H                   p513
Green, Ashbel                    p551
Green, George G                  p592
Gregg, James                     p034, p043, p050
Gregory, Dudly P                 p326
Groff, Peter                     p157
Grubb, Edward Burd               p592, p593
Gruning, Samuel                  p020
Guild, Ralph (Captain)           p064, p067
Guile, Ralph                     p034
Guilick, Abraham                 p159
Gulick, Abner                    p677, p679
Gulick, Henry                    p149
Gulick, Henry (Captain)          p018, p020
Gulick, Samuel                   p020
Gummer, Barker                   p592
Guy, Samuel F                    p509
Haas, John                       p055, p059, p064, p066, p067, p074, p075, p079, p088, p090, p091, p092, p095, p098, p101, p104, p119, p157, p611, p618, p621, p623
Hacket, John                     p485, p496 (2), p518, p519, p529, p552, p560, p561, p563, p567, p569, p570, p572, p590, p595, p603, p606
Hackett, John                    p485, p518, p523 (2), p531, p546, p556
Hagar, George W                  p572, p576
Hagar, Peter                     p245
Hager, Francis                   p393, p395
Hager, Jacob                     p461, p474, p477, p478, p485
Haight, Thomas G                 p252, p641
Haines, Joseph                   p579, p581, p582
Hall, John                       p193, p195, p200
Hall, John H                     p178
Hallsted, Edward                 p110
Halsey, George A                 p539, p540
Halsted, William                 p178, p214, p673, p679
Hamilton, Robert                 p509
Hamilton, Samuel R               p178
Hamitter, Robert                 p539, p540
Hamlinton, Robert                p513
Han, Mallice                     p012
Hance, W H                       p468, p472, p475, p481, p493
Hance, William H                 p443, p452, p469, p481
Hancock ?, Wilson                p095
Hankerson, Joseph                p066, p074, p075, p088
Hankenson, Joseph                p079
Hankinson, Henry                 p127
Hankinson, Joseph                p045, p048, p050, p055, p059, p090
Hankurson, Joseph                p064, p067
Hanson, George                   p466, p481, p483, p490, p492, p493, p500, p503, p504, p507, p510, p511, p514, p526, p529
Hanson, Gunee ?                  p469
Harcourt, John                   p129, p134
Harris, Henry S                  p592, p593
Harrison, Ames                   p080, p081
Harrison, Samuel W               p082, p104, p115, p623
Hart, Daniel                     p165, p191
Hartout, John                    p131
Hartpence, William S             p303, p321, p328
Harvey, Ira C                    p500, p503
Hass, John                       p048
Hawk, Daniel                     p170
Hawk, David                      p226, p245, p258, p285, p572, p573, p576
Hawk, George B                   p285
Hawk, Godfrey                    p165, p170
Hawk, Joseph                     p165, p170
Hawk, Philip F                   p212, p226
Hawk, Philip N                   p238 (2)
Hawk, Phillip F                  p298, p300
Hawk, Phillip L                  p518, p519
Hay, Andrew R                    p326, p465, p470, p471
Hayden, Benjamin                 p097, p098, p618
Hayhurst, Jeremiah               p578, p581, p582
Haywood, Joel                    p332
Hazleton, John W                 p465, p471
Heath, Richard                   p050
Helebrant, Henery                p255
Helebrant, Henry                 p263, p271
Helmes, William                  p061, p074, p075
Helms, William                   p039, p052, p082
Hemlay, James                    p039
Henderson, James                 p006, p010, p012
Henderson, Thomas                p029
Hendrickson, William H           p592
Hendry, Thomas                   p080, p081
Heritage, Joseph                 p175
Hewett, Holdren                  p606
Hice, George                     p212 (2), p215, p218, p221, p223, p226 (4), p229, p232, p245 (2), p248, p258, p267, p285 (2), p298, p300, p303 (2), p321, p345, p350,
                                 p354, p358, p375, p387
Hice, J N                        p496
Hice, James N                    p407, p413, p415, p417, p419, p446, p447, p453, p461, p475
Higgans, Israel                  p200
Higgins, Israel                  p632, p646, p657, p661, p667, p671
Higgins, Jonathan                p034, p037, p043, p045, p048, p055, p058, p064, p067, p618
Higgins, Jonathan Jr             p090
Higgins, Jonathan M              p635
Higgins, Nicholas B              p682
Higgins, William                 p682
Higgons, Jonthin Jr              p097, p098
Hildebrandt, Henry               p627
Hiler, Philip                    p203, p205, p208, p675, p677, p679
Hill, D R                        p531, p546, p556, p589, p596, p597, p598, p603, p605, p606
Hill, Daniel R                   p567, p568 (2), p570
Hill, Samuel                     p183, p188, p271
Hill, William A                  p177, p179
Hiller, Tunis                    p012
Hiner, Godfrey                   p226, p245, p258, p267, p285
Hiner, Herbert                   p012
Hipp, Jacob                      p593, p601
Hitchel, Aaron                   p039
Hixson, Garret                   p632
Hoagland, John                   p682
Hoff, Andrew                     p623
Hoff, Brian                      p455, p456
Hoff, Cornelius                  p365
Hoff, Gabrael                    p151
Hoff, Gabriel                    p006, p134, p139, p141, p145, p157, p621, p623
Hoff, Jeremiah                   p457, p458, p459, p462
Hoffman, Peter H                 p183
Hoghawout, Jacob                 p014
Hogland, Abraham                 p018 (2)
Hogland, Urich                   p159
Hogolen, Abraham                 p014
Holcomb, Alexander P             p632
Holcomb, Charles                 p667, p671 (2)
Holcomb, Daniel B                p671
Holcomb, Elisha                  p579, p581, p582
Holcomb, Elisha E                p255, p627, p669
Holcomb, Emly                    p669, p671
Holcomb, Ferdinand               p263
Holcomb, Fernander S             p435, p436
Holcomb, George                  p045, p048, p050, p055, p127, p131, p151, p152, p644, p667, p671, p673
Holcomb, George B                p362, p369
Holcomb, John                    p191
Holcombe, Alexander              p657, p661
Holcombe, Alexander P            p646
Holcombe, Atkinson J             p380, p381
Holcombe, Charles                p632, p646
Holcombe, Daniel B               p682
Holcombe, Edward H               p608
Holcombe, Emley                  p218, p222, p228, p662, p664, p682
Holcombe, Emly                   p232, p655
Holcombe, George                 p137, p145, p635, p637, p639, p641, p646, p655, p657, p661 (2), p662, p664, p669, p675
Holcombe, George Capt            p632, p646, p657
Holcombe, George B               p372, p373, p662, p664
Holcombe, John C                 p682
Holcombe, Nelson                 p682
Holcombe, Samuel R               p682
Hollinshead, Francis             p012
Holmes, Daniel                   p178, p271
Holsman, Daniel                  p175
Holstead, William                p203
Honeyman, James                  p131
Honeyman, John                   p314
Hoppock, Cornelius               p614, p619
Hoppock, Cornelius Col           p615
Hoppock, Ely                     p165
Hoppock, J                       p117
Hoppock, John                    p682
Hoppock, R S                     p572
Hoppock, William L               p669
Horn, Benjamin                   p682 (3)
Horn, John H                     p578, p581, p582
Hortman, Amos                    p657 (3), p659, p667 (3), p669, p671 (3), p673, p675, p677, p682
Hortman, Gabriel                 p667, p671
Hortman, Gabriel D               p661
Hortman, Gabril D                p657
Hortman, John                    p682
Hostman, Peter                   p632
Houch, Byran                     p455, p456
Hough, B                         p455, p456
Hough, Bryan                     p440, p441, p452, p455, p456
Housal, Horace P                 p435, p436
Housel, Andrew                   p093
Housel, Horace P                 p379
Housel, Jacob                    p090
Housel, John                     p682
Howel, Lewice                    p362, p363
Howell, Calvin                   p288
Howell, David                    p170, p181
Howell, John                     p181
Howell, Lemuel                   p159, p168, p172, p184, p185, p187, p188
Howell, Philip F                 p137
Howsel, Jacob                    p050
Hoyt, Moses                      p255, p627
Hudnet, John J                   p450
Huff, Andrew                     p104
Huff, John                       p245
Huff, Thomas L                   p358
Huff, William A                  p184, p191 (2), p193, p195, p285, p298, p300, p309 (2), p334, p338, p339, p341, p343, p345 (2), p352 (2)
Huffman, Aaron B                 p627
Huffman, Enoch                   p682
Huffman, Jacob F                 p406
Huffman, John H                  p200, p203, p679
Huffman, Peter F                 p579, p581
Huffman, Peter H                 p185, p187, p188
Hufman, Aaron P                  p255
Hufman, Peter H                  p669
Hufty, Jacob                     p082, p093
Hughes, Thomas H                 p151, p162
Hull, Joseph                     p573
Hull, Stephen                    p267
Hull, Stephen W                  p258
Hulme, Joseph H                  p215, p673
Hulsizer, John J                 p390, p393, p440, p459
Hummer, Harbert                  p332, p452, p456
Hunt, E                          p198
Hunt, Edward                     p170 (2), p184, p191 (5), p193, p198, p212, p226, p226, p245, p248, p258, p267, p285 (4), p286, p287, p292, p321, p328, p332, p341, p343,
                                 p345 (2), p675
Hunt, Edwerd                     p354
Hunt, Henry S                    p195, p200, p682
Hunt, P F                        p578
Hunt, Philip F                   p572, p573
Hunt, R                          p069, p070, p071, p072
Hunt, Ralph                      p061, p066 (2), p071, p072, p083, p084, p097, p098, p101, p123, p127, p618, p621
Hunter, Andrew                   p061
Hyall ?, Daniel B                p203
Hyde, John M                     p571, p575, p577, p579, p580, p581, p582, p583, p586, p588, p591, p594, p599, p602, p604, p607
Hyner, William                   p170
Ilif, James                      p014
Iliff, James                     p215, p673
Iliffe, William J                p540, p543, p544
Ill, Fridoline                   p509, p513
Imlay, James H                   p052, p061
Ireland, Japhet                  p252, p641
Ivons, Samuel                    p155
Jacoby, Benjamin                 p141
Jeferson, David                  p014
Jeffers, William N               p152, p162
Jewell, Ira                      p097, p098, p129, p618
Johnson, Christofer (Captain)    p020, p021
Johnson, Christopher (Captain)   p019
Johnson, David                   p134, p139, p172
Johnson, H W                     p572
Johnson, Hart                    p191, p198
Johnson, Henry W                 p212, p226, p314, p358
Johnson, James M                 p242
Johnson, Joseph                  p125
Johnson, Philip                  p119
Johnson, Phillip                 p125
Johnson, Samuel                  p372, p373, p379, p403, p406, p435, p436
Johnson, Wesley                  p170, p191 (2)
Johnson, Westley                 p198 (2), p212, p226
Johnson, William H               p584
Johnston, Henry                  p245
Johnston, Isaac                  p198 (2), p200, p203, p267, p285
Johnston, James M                p643, p644
Johnston, Joseph                 p232, p655
Johnston, Philip                 p121
Johnston, Westley                p198
Jones, Asa                       p155, p181, p183, p185, p187, p188, p193
Jones, Benjamin Sr               p018 (3)
Jones, John L                    p435, p436
Jones, Ross                      p263
Jonson, Jacobis                  p010, p014
Jorden, Frederick                p014
Jordan, Frederick                p020
Jordens, Frederick               p010, p012
Kase, Adam                       p104
Keasbey, Edward Q                p253, p641
Kelch, Henry                     p285, p303
Kels, Henry                      p177, p179, p195, p200, p226, p321, p328, p341, p345, p350, p358 (2), p360, p363, p365 (2), p370, p373, p375, p379, p385, p387 (2),
                                 p388, p390, p393, p404, p407, p408, p410, p416, p417, p418, p419, p420, p425, p426, p427, p429, p431, p436, p438, p441, p443 (2), p444
Kels, Isaac                      p477, p478, p485, p496, p518, p531, p532, p533, p546, p556
Kenedy, Phineas B                p326
Kennedy, Phineas B               p214, p673
Kennedy, Samuel                  p061
Kennedy, William                 p145
Kerr, Marten Rev                 p584
Ketenhous, Isaac                 p258
Ketts, Henry                     p191 (2), p198
Kilgore, Robert J                p483
Killgore, Robert J               p480
Kille, Joseph                    p137, p151, p203, p214, p673, p679
Kilpatrick, Judson               p592, p593
Kimble, William                  p446, p447, p449
King, Joseph                     p055, p110
Kinney, Jacob M                  p110
Kinney, James M                  p618
Kinsey, Charles                  p115
Kitchel, Aaron                   p029, p115
Kline, Jacob                     p137
Kline, John                      p121
Kline, John W                    p181, p183, p186, p187
Kline, Peter                     p125, p129, p131, p134, p195
Kline, Peter A                   p200, p205, p677, p679
Knowles, Levy                    p131
Kohl, George A                   p657, p661
Kohle, George A                  p632
Kroeser, Richard                 p045, p048, p050
Kroezer, Richard                 p043
Krueger, Gottfried               p592
Kuglar, Jonathan                 p590, p595, p599, p603, p606
Kuglar, Oliver                   p578
Kugler, John                     p358
Kugler, Jonathan                 p393, p395, p567, p570, p572
Kugler, Oliver                   p581, p582
Labaw, Lewis                     p088, p091, p092
Labaw, Solomon                   p657, p661, p667, p671
Laburkey, Christian              p151
Lair, Andrew                     p682
Lair, John                       p682
Lair, John P                     p471, p480, p483
Lair, Joseph                     p682
Lake, Cornelius                  p625
Lake, John                       p101 (2), p110, p119, p129, p621, p623
Lake, John C                     p601
Lake, Jonas                      p129, p134
Lake, Jonus                      p131
Lake, Joseph P                   p446, p447, p449, p452, p455, p456
Lake, Sergeant                   p168, p170 (2), p171, p173, p175, p176, p181, p203, p206
Lake, W Howard                   p608
Lambert, John                    p023, p027, p034, p037, p043, p045, p048, p055, p058, p064, p066, p067, p074, p075, p110, p263, p271, p288
Lambert, John Jr                 p079
Lambert, Jonathan                p050
Lambert, Zepheniah               p661
Lance, Edgar                     p540, p543, p544
Langer, Jason P                  p675
Larason, Andrew                  p677
Larason, James                   p062, p064, p066, p067, p073, p080, p081, p082, p088, p134, p165, p170, p171, p173, p175, p176, p177, p179, p181, p184, p193, p195, p200,
                                 p203, p206, p209, p215, p221, p223, p226, p229
Larew, Mark                      p682
Larew, Samuel                    p172, p646 (2), p657 (2), p661 (2)
Larewe, Samuel                   p671 (2)
Large, Isaiah                    p643 (2), p644
Large, Isaiah P                  p644
Large, Isiah P                   p242, p372, p373
Larison, Andrew                  p682
Larison, George H                p540, p543, p544, p579
Larison, John W                  p682
Larman, Mortimer P               p480, p481
Larow, Samuel                    p184
Larowe, Peter                    p667
Larowe, Samuel                   p181, p185, p187, p188, p667 (2)
Larrason, Andrew                 p195
Larrason, James                  p191 (4)
Larrison, Andrew                 p200
Larrison, George A               p581
Larrison, James                  p198 (2), p212, p220
La Rue, Samuel                   p168
Lasowe, Samuel                   p632
Lawes, Jonathan                  p314
Lawrence, Elisha                 p039
Lawrence, James L                p326
Leacock, Henry                   p020
Leaming, Aaron                   p151
Leaming, Jeremiah                p151
Learch, Jonathan                 p165
Lebaw, Lewis                     p090
Lee, Benjamin F                  p362
Lee, Rheuben                     p170
Lee, Ruben                       p165
Lee, Thomas                      p176, p183, p186, p187
Leigh, S W                       p341
Leigh, Samuel W                  p343
Lennard, David C                 p258, p267
Lennard, Peter                   p108, p117, p165 (2), p170, p191 (2), p198, p227
Lequear, John                    p048, p050, p500
Lequear, John W                  p504
Lesley, William                  p066
Leslie, William                  p064, p067
Lestley, William J               p090
Lewis, John                      p341
Lilly, John                      p208, p218, p669, p675
Lilly, Samuel                    p326, p341, p632 (3)
Linn, James                      p016, p029, p031, p039, p061
Linn, John                       p115, p121, p127
Lipincott, Phillip               p298, p300
Lippencott, Edward               p226, p245, p258, p267
Little, Henry S                  p362
Liverton, Robert                 p661
Livery, Henry                    p018
Livingston, Alfred S             p509, p513
Lloyd, William                   p080, p081
Loder, William A                 p262, p267, p269, p272, p273, p283 (2), p285 (2)
Loffey, George C                 p592, p593
Loring, John R                   p307
Louden, William                  p019, p021
Low, John H                      p490, p493
Lowe, John W                     p466, p469
Lowe, Nathaniel H                p627, p632 (2)
Lowe, Peter B                    p669
Lowe, Peter S                    p667
Lowe, William A                  p465, p470
Lowrey, Thomas                   p039
Lowrey, William                  p023, p027, p029, p031, p034
Ludlow, Benjamin                 p061, p115
Ludlow, Cornelius                p165 (2), p168, p170 (2), p172
Ludlow, Cournelius               p195
Ludlow, George C                 p592, p593
Lundy, A W C                     p385
Lundy, Arthur W                  p343
Lunger, George                   p226, p245, p267 (2), p283, p303 (2), p305
Lunger, George G                 p301, p307, p581, p582, p601
Lupton, Cornelius                p215, p673
Luran, Samuel                    p151
Lyle, Andrew                     p061
Mackling, John                   p435, p436
Maning, Isaac B                  p518, p519 (2)
Manners, David                   p098, p101, p104, p131, p134, p139, p618, p621, p623
Manners, James S                 p110, p117, p119, p123
Manners, John ?                  p119
Manning, I B                     p512, p514, p529, p541, p544, p547, p552, p553, p555, p561, p567, p568 (2), p570 (2), p585, p589 (2), p593, p596, p597, p598, p601, p603,
                                 p605 (2), p608
Manning, Isaac                   p478
Manning, Isaac B                 p429, p523, p531, p532, p533, p572
Manning, J B                     p496
Manning, William A               p314
Marlow, John                     p307
Marshall, William                p159, p168, p172, p183, p186, p187, p193
Marten, James C                  p595, p603, p606
Martin, James C                  p590
Martin, John                     p006
Marts, William                   p095, p097, p098, p101, p611, p618, p621
Mason, Daniel                    p226, p245
Mathews, Aaron                   p395 (2), p404, p408, p410, p416, p418, p420, p450, p457, p458, p459, p461, p462, p474, p477 (2), p478 (3), p485 (2), p496 (3), p512,
                                 p514, p518 (2), p519 (2), p531, p532, p533, p534, p535 (2), p546, p547, p549 (2), p554 (2), p556 (2), p558 (2), p565 (2), p567 (2),
                                 p568 (4), p570 (2)
Mathews, Jeremiah                p258, p267, p285
Matlack, James                   p175
Matlack, Joseph                  p127
Matthews, Aaron                  p393
Matthews, Jeremiah               p226
Mattison, John B                 p218, p222, p228, p662, p664, p669
Mattison, Nathaniel G            p195, p203, p679
Mattlack, James                  p131
Maxwell, Georg                   p157
Maxwell, George                  p074, p075, p121, p123, p125, p129, p131, p134, p145, p149, p151, p155
Maxwell, George C                p085, p093
Maxwell, John                    p034
Maxwell, John P B                p178, p203, p214, p673, p679
McCarter, Robert H               p151, p178
McCarter, Thomas N               p551
McCleland, George B              p508
McClellan, George B              p513, p560
McClelleon, George B             p563
McColester, Hugh                 p020
McConnell, William               p507, p510, p511, p514
McCoy, Charles F                 p185, p187, p188
McCrea, A J                      p544, p546 (2), p547, p553, p555, p556
McCrea, Andrew J                 p531 (2), p541
McCrea, David                    p426, p603, p606
McCullough, William              p062, p151
McCully, Joseph Jr               p121
McDaniel, Daniel                 p014
McDowell, Andrew                 p175
McEntee, James F                 p592
McGill, William                  p074, p075, p079, p090
McIlwain, Edward                 p168
McIlwain, Edward S               p172, p181
McKee, William                   p183, p185, p186, p187 (2), p188
McKinney, Jacob                  p097, p098
McKoy, Charles                   p184
McLain, John                     p466
Mclean, Amzi C                   p465
McLean, Amzi C                   p471
McNeeley, Robert                 p119
McNeely, Robert                  p121, p125, p137
Mcpherson, David                 p023, p027
McPherson, John R                p551
Mcpherson, Samuel                p466
McSwain, E L                     p159
McSwain, Edward                  p139
McWhorter, Alexander             p061
Meakman, Edgar B                 p362, p363
Mechling, Peter M                p606, p608
Medler, Philip                   p006, p312
Medler, Phillip                  p020
Meguire, James                   p178
Melick, Nicholas E               p263
Melisk, Peter                    p627
Mellick, Peter                   p255
Mercer, Archibald                p016
Metler, E R                      p350
Metler, Levi                     p245, p258, p267 (2), p283, p321, p328 (3)
Metler, William W                p635
Mettlar, William W               p646
Mettler, E R                     p387, p388, p393
Mettler, Elija R                 p358, p362, p363
Mettler, Elijah R                p365, p375
Mettler, James                   p062, p064, p066, p067, p073, p076, p079, p080, p081, p082, p085, p088, p090, p093, p095, p097, p098, p134, p137, p139, p141, p149, p152,
                                 p155, p157
Mettler, John                    p066, p073
Mettler, John Jr                 p191
Mettler, Levi                    p206, p212, p218, p220, p232, p241, p245, p248, p250, p253, p256, p258, p262, p269, p272, p273, p275, p283, p285 (2), p286, p287, p292,
                                 p301, p303 (2), p307, p315, p321, p336
Mettler, William C               p547, p553, p555
Mettler, William W               p632
Mickel, John W                   p178
Mickell, John W                  p162
Miller, Andrew                   p155, p159
Miller, Henry                    p165, p170, p191
Miller, J N                      p563
Miller, John C                   p579
Mills, David                     p127
Mills, Mardica                   p485, p496
Mires, Abraham D                 p667
Mires, Joseph                    p358
Moor, Ann                        p372, p373
Moor, Elnathan                   p157
Moor, Jacob                      p358
Moore, Amos                      p200, p242, p643, p644
Moore, Ann                       p369, p370
Moore, Daniel J                  p682
Moore, Elnathan                  p129, p131, p155
Moore, Jacob                     p006
Moore, Joseph                    p200, p203, p679
Moore, Lewis                     p115
Moore, Samuel                    p066
Moore, W R                       p644
Moore, William                   p285
Moore, William R                 p205, p222, p228, p232, p241, p286, p287, p307, p643, p644, p655, p662, p664, p677
Morgan, Charles                  p178
Morgan, James                    p061, p080, p081, p093
Morgan, John                     p061
Moses, ?                         p537
Mott, James                      p052, p061, p080, p081
Munra, William                   p175
Murphey, James H                 p365
Murphy, J H                      p370, p373, p375, p377 (2), p379, p382, p385, p404, p407, p408, p410, p416, p418, p420, p425, p427, p431, p447, p456
Murphy, James H                  p375, p383 (2), p387, p388, p390, p393 (2), p417, p419, p426, p443
Myers, Eastburn N                p646, p657
Myers, Joseph                    p375, p387, p388, p443, p461
Myers, L B                       p328
Myers, Lemuel B                  p321, p328 (2), p341, p343, p354
Myers, Joseph                    p365
Myres, Joseph                    p474
Nash, Abraham W                  p397
Neighbor, David                  p679
Neighbour, David                 p200, p203, p248, p639
Neilson, John                    p082, p093
Nevea, Peter                     p006
Nevel, Robert                    p508
Nevius, Edward A                 p326
Nevius, James S                  p326
Newal, William A                 p362, p363, p551
Newbold, Thomas                  p074, p075, p082, p093, p215, p673
Newel, William A                 p560
Newell, James                    p175
Newell, Robert                   p513
Newell, William A                p563
Newton, George                   p312
Niffee, Abart                    p020
Nixon, James H                   p551
Nixon, John T                    p326
Nixon, William                   p090, p091, p092, p095, p097, p098, p101, p104, p110, p119, p474, p523, p547, p553, p555, p567, p568 (2), p570, p573, p574, p611, p621,
Nixson, William                  p461
Noble, John S                    p508, p513
Norton, Joseph                   p589, p596, p597, p598, p603
Oaks, Aaron                      p435, p436
Ogden, Aaron                     p061, p074, p075, p082
Ogden, Aron                      p052
Ogden, Charles                   p115
Ogden, Isaac                     p123
Ogden, Jonathan                  p029
Ogden, Oliver W                  p172, p175, p183, p186, p187
Ogden, Oliver Wane               p168
Ogden, Robert                    p029
Olden, Charles S                 p380, p381, p509, p513
Opdyck, Benjamin                 p006
Opdyck, Enoch H                  p462
Opdyck, George                   p159
Opdycke, Albert                  p383 (2), p387, p393, p401 (2), p586, p587 (2), p590, p596, p599, p600 (2)
Opdycke, E H                     p589, p596, p597, p598
Opdycke, George                  p155
Opdycke, Hall                    p165, p170 (2), p191 (2), p195
Opdycke, Hiram D                 p365
Opdycke, J B                     p321, p328
Opdycke, John                    p090, p091, p092, p095, p099, p104, p611, p621, p623
Opdycke, John B                  p348, p358, p365, p375
Opdycke, John Bellis             p315, p321, p328
Opdycke, Luther                  p097, p098, p307, p618
Opdyke, Albert                   p469, p481, p603, p606
Opdyke, Thomas R                 p523, p531, p532, p533, p546, p547
Opdyke, E H                      p474, p603
Opdyke, Enoch H                  p474, p477 (2), p478 (2), p485
Opdyke, John                     p101
Opdyke, Thomas R                 p474, p477, p478, p485 (2), p489
Osman, Thomas                    p312
Ott, David S                     p632
Palhamor, Daniel                 p010
Palmar, Phillip                  p018, p020
Palmer, John S                   p637, p639, p641, p644, p646 (2), p655, p657 (2), p661 (2), p662, p664, p667 (2), p669
Palmer, Philip                   p020
Parker, Charles                  p362, p363
Parker, Ephan O                  p341
Parker, Ephraim O                p466, p469
Parker, Ephram O                 p354, p362, p363
Parker, George                   p345, p350
Parker, James                    p104, p115, p129, p137, p151, p152, p162, p176, p183, p186, p187, p362, p363, p623
Parker, Joel                     p397, p500, p503, p551
Parrett, William                 p061
Parsons, Solomon                 p608
Parvost, Henry M                 p076
Paterson, William                p372, p373
Paugborn, Zebina K               p592
Paulison, Richard P              p288
Paxson, William E                p667, p669, p671, p682
Pearson, Philip                  p667, p671, p682
Pearson, Phillip                 p657, p661
Pegg, Jesse                      p682
Pelce ?, Daniel                  p205
Pennington, William              p176, p183, p186, p187
Pennington, William S            p061
Perrine, John M                  p175
Perry, Edmund                    p372, p373
Perry, James                     p191, p198, p258
Philhower, Abraham               p584
Philips, Joseph                  p667 (2)
Philkill, William                p226
Phillips, Edmund                 p059
Phillips, Edward G               p635
Phillips, Elias                  p034, p037
Phillips, Gideon                 p627, p632, p661, p661 (2), p662, p664, p682
Phillips, James A                p200
Phillips, John                   p045, p050, p055, p059, p074, p075, p090
Phillips, John (Captain)         p041
Phillips, Joseph                 p632, p646, p657 (2), p661 (2), p671
Phillips, Urial                  p646, p657
Phillips, Uriel                  p632
Pickel, Baltes                   p446, p447, p449, p455
Pickel, Baltis                   p429, p443, p462
Pickel, Baltiss                  p452
Pickel, Baultis                  p020
Pickel, Jonathan                 p152, p155, p157, p159, p162, p165 (4), p168, p171, p173, p175, p176, p177, p179, p184, p191 (2), p193, p195, p200, p209, p212 (2), p215,
                                 p218, p220, p226, p232, p242, p245 (3), p248, p250, p253, p256, p258 (2), p262, p267 (2), p269, p271, p275, p277, p283 (2), p285 (2),
                                 p288, p293, p294, p298, p300, p301, p343, p350, p417, p419, p426, p429, p436, p438, p443, p461, p474, p639, p643, p644, p655
Pickel, Joseph M                 p387, p390, p393, p404, p407, p408, p410, p416, p417, p418, p419, p420, p425, p427
Pickel, Nicholas                 p099
Pickel, S B                      p483, p489, p499, p501, p512, p514, p529, p590
Pickel, Samuel B                 p463, p464, p466, p467, p518, p519, p523, p532, p533, p567, p569 (2), p570, p572
Pickle, Baltis                   p008, p010, p012, p014, p312
Pickle, John                     p165
Pickle, Jonathan                 p170 (2)
Pidcock, John G                  p314
Pidcock, James N                 p525, p529, p551, p552
Pierson, Isaac                   p145, p151
Place, Charles                   p539, p540
Polhamus, Daniel                 p018
Porter, Joseph                   p363
Porter, Joseph M                 p379
Porter, Timothy L                p157
Potter, William E                p592, p593
Potts, Frederic A                p581
Potts, Frederick                 p490, p513
Potts, Frederick A               p492, p493, p507, p525, p579, p592, p593
Potts, Fredrick W                p529
Potts, Stacy G                   p157
Potts, William                   p098, p101, p104, p149, p618, p621, p623
Potts, ?                         p155
Power, James                     p018 (3), p019, p020 (3), p021
Prall, Jacob                     p661
Prall, John S                    p632, p657, p661, p667, p671, p682
Prall, Josiah                    p108
Prall, Peter                     p679, p682
Prall, Thomas                    p095, p112, p113, p117, p119, p125, p611
Prall, W R                       p643, p644
Prall, William L                 p643, p644
Prall, William R                 p242, p643 (2), p644 (2)
Price, Nathan                    p037, p043, p050, p055, p058, p074, p075, p079, p088, p614, p616, p624, p625
Price, Rodman M                  p332
Prevost, John H                  p242, p248, p643, p644
Prevost, John R                  p643, p644
Prevost, Lewis M                 p298, p300
Proctor, Albert                  p466, p469
Provost, Paul H M                p098, p098
Provost, Paul H Mallet           p097, p098, p101, p102, p103, p110, p112, p113, p115, p119, p121, p123, p125, p127, p129, p131
Pursel, Benjamin                 p387, p388, p393, p417, p419
Pursel, Daniel                   p014
Pursel, John                     p170, p191
Pursell, John                    p245, p258, p267
Pursell, William                 p285, p477, p478
Pursly, Daniel                   p312
Queen, John                      p393, p573
Queen, John W                    p537 (2), p547, p553, p555, p556, p567 (2), p568 (4), p570 (2), p573, p589 (2)
Quick, Abraham                   p614
Quick, Andrew H                  p646, p651, p652, p653 (2), p657 (2), p661
Quick, Charles                   p632, p646, p657, p661
Quick, Moses                     p121, p123, p125, p139, p141
Quick, ------                    p610, p612, p619
Quisby, James M                  p326
Race, Henry                      p543
Race, William P                  p632
Raferdy, John C                  p354
Rake, Jonathan                   p332, p635
Rake, William                    p615
Ramsey, James N                  p579, p581, p584
Randolph, James F                p151 (2), p162
Randolph, Joseph F               p178, p183, p186, p187, p214, p363, p465, p470, p471, p673, p679
Randolph, Theodore F             p466, p471
Rapp, Jonas                      p572, p573, p575
Read, Jacob                      p667 (2)
Read, Nelson                     p452, p456
Reading, Asher                   p139, p141, p146
Reed, Jacob                      p627, p632 (3), p637, p639, p641, p644, p646 (3), p655, p657, p659, p661 (2), p671 (2)
Reed, James                      p480, p483
Reed, Jesse C                    p195
Reeves, Charles                  p253, p641
Reeves, David                    p176, p178
Repson, Jesse                    p137
Rhea, Jonathin                   p080, p081
Rice, George                     p198, p209
Richards, George                 p592, p593
Riggs, John                      p037, p043, p045
Right, Ruben                     p245
Righter, John                    p252, p641
Riley, Philip                    p671
Riley, Phillip                   p632, p646, p667
Riley, William S                 p525, p526, p529
Risler, Ana Pete                 p350
Risler, Andrew                   p198, p241, p245, p250, p253, p256, p258 (2), p262, p267, p277
Risler, George W                 p354
Risler, Nathan                   p677, p679
Risler, Nathaniel                p203, p205
Risler, Peter                    p615
Risler, William                  p010
Retenhouse, Isaac                p245
Rey, Alexander                   p363
Reynolds, Hugh                   p601
Ribble, George L                 p601
Ritinhouse, Elisha               p129
Rittenhouse, A                   p523
Rittenhouse, A B                 p445, p448, p457, p458, p460, p463, p464, p467, p468, p472, p479, p482
Rittenhouse, Isaac               p226
Rittenhouse, J P                 p500
Rittenhouse, John P              p503, p504, p507, p510, p511, p514, p525, p526, p529
Rittenhouse, Samuel              p618, p621, p623
Rittenhouse, ------              p451, p454, p473
Rittinghouse, George             p146
Rittinhouse, Elisha              p125
Rittinhouse, Samuel              p101, p104
Robbins, Moses                   p560, p561, p563
Robbins, Samuel B                p669, p671 (2), p673, p675, p677, p679, p682 (2)
Robens, Jonas                    p165
Roberson, Andrew                 p525, p526, p539, p540
Roberson, Archibald              p288
Roberson, Malon                  p165
Roberts, Edmon                   p076
Roberts, Edmond                  p050, p055, p079
Roberts, Edward                  p088
Robertson, Archibald             p175
Robins, Cooley                   p267
Robins, Isaac                    p008
Robins, John C                   p285
Robins, Jonathan                 p020
Robins, Moses                    p350
Robinson, William P              p363
Robison, Andrew                  p529
Rockafellar, Charles             p191
Rockafellar, Henry               p023, p024, p029, p031, p034, p037, p039, p041, p043, p045, p048, p050, p052, p055, p058, p062, p064, p067, p101, p102, p103, p108, p110,
                                 p115, p117, p119, p121, p123, p125, p127, p129, p131, p226
Rockafellar, John                p205, p677
Rockefeller, Henry               p016
Rockafeller, John                p149
Rockafeller, Samuel              p134, p137, p139, p503, p504
Rockefellor, David               p258
Rockafellor, Jacob               p181
Rockafellor, John                p168, p181
Rockafellow, Charles             p567, p568 (2), p570, p572
Rockafellow, Jacob               p184, p185, p187, p188
Rockafellow, John                p669
Rockafellow, Samuel              p435, p500
Rockafellow, William G           p519, p532, p533
Rockaffeller, John               p675
Rockfeller, John                 p159
Rockwill, Roberson               p157
Rogers, Edward G                 p253, p641
Rogers, Joseph                   p175
Romlance, ? George H             p469
Roscoe, William                  p168, p172, p679
Rose, Cornelious                 p632
Roseo, William                   p203
Rossell, William                 p115
Rouse, Moses                     p146, p149, p152, p155, p157, p159, p162, p165 (2), p168, p170 (2), p171, p173, p175, p176, p181
Rowe, Philip J                   p181
Rowland, George H                p435, p436, p466
Rowling, John                    p341
Rudolph, Joseph F                p203
Runk, Caleb                      p121, p123, p125
Runk, John                       p159, p185, p187, p188, p195, p200, p203, p215, p252, p263, p288, p307, p641, p673, p675, p679
Runkle, Abraham                  p610, p612, p614, p619, p621, p623
Runkle, Jacob                    p079, p088
Runkle, Nelson                   p221, p223, p229, p269, p272, p273
Runyan, Hugh                     p027, p034, p062
Runyan, Alvah                    p469
Runyon, Asa                      p108
Runyon, Theadore                 p397
Runyon, Thomas A                 p341, p344, p345 (2), p346, p350
Ruple, Jacob                     p321, p328
Ruple, Samuel                    p205
Rusling, Robert                  p490, p492
Ruthaford, Robert W              p129
Rutherford, John                 p127
Rutinhouse, Samuel               p097, p098
Rutt, W W                        p603, p605
Rutt, William                    p387, p388
Ryall, Daniel B                  p214, p673, p679
Ryerson, David                   p252, p362, p363, p641
Ryerson, Jacob M                 p215, p673
Ryle, John                       p508, p509, p513
Sailer, Andrew                   p380, p381
Sailor, Andrew                   p385
Salter, Mathias                  p191
Sanders, Jacob B                 p379
Sanderson, Augustus E            p490, p492, p493, p500, p503
Savage, George W                 p362
Saxton, Nathaniel                p139, p183, p186, p187, p193
Sayre, Stephan                   p061
Scarborough, J                   p644
Scarborough, Joseph              p241, p643, p644
Scarborough, Joseph J            p358, p365, p426, p429, p443
Scattergood, Samuel B            p172, p195, p200
Schalk, Adolph                   p465, p470
Schank, Jacob                    p066
Scharborough, Joseph             p258
Schawk, Mahlon                   p667 (2), p669, p671 (2), p673, p675, p677, p679
Schenck, Ferdinand S             p176, p183, p186, p187
Schenck, Jacob                   p058
Schenck, Jacob (Major)           p064, p067
Schenck, Ralph                   p632, p646, p647 (2)
Schureman, James                 p029, p039, p061
Scot, ------                     p326
Scranton, Selden F               p509, p513
Semore, George C                 p643, p644
Senck, Tunis                     p020
Senck, Tunis                     p020
Serois, Jacob                    p632
Service, John                    p354, p362, p363
Servis, Garret                   p200, p205, p208, p288, p675, p677
Servis, Garrett                  p271
Servis, Jacob                    p646, p657, p661, p667
Servis, John                     p682
Servis, Joseph                   p682
Severs, Manuel                   p572, p573
Seymore, G C                     p643, p644
Seymore, George C                p643, p644
Seymour, George C                p242, p643, p644
Shanons, Daniel                  p008
Sharp, Henry                     p010, p012, p312
Sheff, (?) Joseph C              p271
Shenn, William N                 p288
Shepherd, Peter W                p639, p641, p644, p646 (2), p655, p659 (2), p661 (2), p662, p664
Shepherd, Richard                p682
Shered, John                     p010
Sheridan, John                   p507, p510, p511, p514, p529
Sheridon, John                   p526, p540
Sherod, John                     p012
Sherrerd, John                   p018 (2)
Sherrerd, John M                 p137
Sherrerd, Joseph                 p055
Sherrod, John                    p008, p014, p312
Shinan, William H                p151
Shiner, William N                p176
Shinn, Isaiah                    p127
Shinn, William N                 p183, p186, p187
Shippen, William W               p551
Shirts, Michael                  p644
Shively, Michael                 p165, p170
Shrope, Isaac R                  p409, p417, p419, p429, p431
Shrope, P S                      p581
Shrope, Prits ? E                p579
Shuler, Charles                  p474, p477, p478, p485, p496
Shurts, Alexander                p162
Shurts, M                        p644
Shurts, Michael Jr               p076
Shurtz, Michael                  p241
Shuster, Charles                 p245
Siedler, Charles                 p551, p552
Sigaford, John                   p474, p496
Sign, William                    p018
Signe, John                      p363
Sinchlair, John                  p245, p258
Sinchlair, John H                p258 (2), p267 (2), p283 (2)
Sinchlair, Samuel                p245
Sinchlar, John H                 p267
Sinclair, J H                    p321 (2), p345
Sinclair, Jesse                  p446, p447, p452, p453, p468, p472, p543, p544, p601
Sinclair, Jessie                 p572, p576
Sinclair, John                   p165 (2), p170 (2), p191, p198 (3), p267
Sinclair, John H                 p285, p303 (2), p328 (2), p345, p350
Sinclair, Samuel                 p226
Sine, Charles W                  p608
Sinickson, Thomas                p151
Sinnickson, Thomas               p029, p031, p039
Sinnikson, Thomas                p080, p081
Sitgreaves, Charles              p178, p446, p447, p449, p508, p509, p513
Sked, Richard                    p671 (2)
Skillman, William L              p646, p648 (2)
Slape, Albert A                  p465
Slape, Albert H                  p470
Slater, John                     p328, p450
Slater, Samuel                   p263
Slater, William H                p403
Slator, John                     p332
Sleeper, L L (Rev)               p350
Sloan, James                     p061
Sloan, William H                 p181, p183, p186, p187, p215, p288, p673
Slone, James                     p074, p075
Smith, Abijah                    p080, p081
Smith, Bernard                   p121
Smith, George W                  p183, p186, p187
Smith, Isaac                     p029, p031
Smith, J                         p635, p644
Smith, J H Dr                    p578, p581, p582
Smith, Jacob B                   p635, p646, p667, p671
Smith, James                     p165, p170, p191, p393
Smith, James R                   p425, p427, p429, p443
Smith, Jeremiah                  p661, p667
Smith, John                      p045, p644
Smith, John H                    p255, p263, p271, p627, p646, p657 (2), p661, p667
Smith, John L                    p127
Smith, Joseph                    p632, p671, p682
Smith, Mahlon                    p682 (2)
Smith, Martin                    p354, p490, p493
Smith, Nathaniel G               p682
Smith, Ralph B                   p632, p646
Smith, Ralph S                   p110
Smith, Robert                    p062
Smith, Robins                    p212
Smith, Samuel (Reverend)         p039
Smith, Sylvester H               p584
Smith, William Stanhop           p061
Smith, ------                    p635
Snider, Jacob                    p191
Snider, John                     p573, p574
Snyder, Christopher              p267, p285, p341
Snyder, James                    p203, p205, p307, p314, p679
Snyder, William                  p369, p372, p373
Soder, William A                 p265, p275, p280 (2), p290
Sollers, John                    p429
Southard, Henrey                 p104
Southard, Henry                  p039, p052, p061, p074, p075, p082, p115, p121, p623
Southard, Isaac                  p176
Southard, Samuel L               p110, p127 (2)
Spadone, Amadee                  p509, p513
Spencer, John E                  p045, p048, p050
Spencer, Jonathan G              p183
Spencer, Jonathan J              p186, p187
Srope, George W                  p271
Srope, Isaac H                   p218
Srope, Isaac R                   p222, p228, p255, p263, p627, p662, p664, p669
Staatz, John H                   p519
Stanner, Christopher             p258
Starnar, Christopher             p387, p388
Stedford, Peter                  p062
Steele, William G                p397
Stephens, Edwerd                 p362
Stephens, Peter W                p637, p657
Stevans, Samuel                  p285
Stevens, Edwin A                 p326
Stevens, Richard                 p014, p018, p019, p020, p021
Stevens, William                 p178
Stevenson, E N                   p159
Stevenson, Elnathan              p091, p092, p117, p119, p121, p123, p129, p139, p141, p621, p623, p624, p625
Stevenson, Henery                p627
Stevenson, Henry                 p255, p635, p646, p657, p661
Stevenson, James                 p110, p134
Stewart, Charles                 p029
Stewart, James                   p253, p641
Stewart, Samuel R                p016, p043
Stiger, N D                      p584
Still, Samuel                    p185, p187
Stillwell, Andrew                p667, p671
Stites, William L                p175
Stockton, J H                    p022
Stockton, L W                    p044, p059, p060, p063
Stockton, Lucius W               p046, p047, p056, p057
Stockton, Richard                p062, p093
Stockton, Robert F               p363
Stockton, Samuel                 p601
Stockton, ------                 p028, p040, p042, p046, p047, p051, p054, p056, p057, p065, p068
Stoll, Henry                     p006, p008, p010, p012, p014, p018 (3), p312
Stone, J Henry                   p551
Stoothoff, Elbert                p178
Stout, Abraham                   p110, p117, p121, p123, p125, p134
Stout, Bateman                   p387, p388, p393
Stout, David                     p121, p123, p125
Stout, Ira                       p088
Stout, Moses                     p079, p088, p090, p091, p092, p095, p611
Stout, Nathan                    p055, p059, p064, p066, p067, p074, p075, p657, p661
Stout, Philip                    p312
Stout, Samuel                    p023, p027, p226, p269, p275, p283, p285, p286, p287, p292, p301, p303, p305, p307, p350, p358 (3), p360, p363, p365 (2), p370, p373,
                                 p375, p385, p388, p567, p568 (2), p570, p572, p590
Stout, Solomon                   p372, p373
Stout, William                   p149, p155, p157, p667, p671
Stover, A H                      p365, p385, p387, p388
Stover, Aaron H                  p343, p356 (2), p358, p367 (2), p440, p477, p478
Stover, Aron H                   p298, p300
Strang, ------                   p625
Straton, Charles C               p242
Stratton, C C                    p643
Stratton, Charles C              p178, p203, p214, p643 (2), p673, p679
Striker, Henry S                 p263
Striker, John (Captain)          p020
Striker, Peter I                 p080, p081
Stryker, Henry                   p203
Stryker, Henry S                 p195, p200, p255, p271, p627, p677, p679, p682
Stryker, Peter                   p547
Stryker, Peter F                 p532, p533
Stryker, Samuel D                p181
Stull, C R                       p589
Stull, Charles                   p572, p573, p603, p606
Stull, Charles R                 p595
Stull, Jacob                     p191
Stull, Jeremiah                  p215, p673
Suthard, Isaac                   p162
Sutphen, Arthur                  p657
Sutphin, Arthur                  p632, p646, p682
Sutphin, John                    p646
Sutphin, John J                  p271
Suydam, Christopher              p632
Suyddam, Christopher             p657
Swackhamer, John                 p232, p242, p643, p644, p655
Swan, Samuel                     p127, p131, p137, p145
Swarer, John                     p572
Swarer, John A                   p567, p569, p570
Swasey, William                  p539, p540
Swayzy, James R                  p470, p471
Swayze, William W                p543
Swaze, James K                   p465
Sweazy, E W                      p387, p388
Sweazy, Elias W                  p385, p399, p401, p462
Swezey, Elias                    p354
Swope, I M                       p574
Swope, Isaac M                   p496, p518, p523
Taylor, Davis                    p603, p605
Taylor, Israel                   p123, p125, p129
Taylor, James                    p139, p141, p146
Taylor, Joseph N                 p326
Taylor, Lewis H                  p551, p552
Taylor, M A                      p321
Taylor, Moses A                  p165 (2), p170 (2), p191 (2), p198, p212 (2), p226 (2), p227 [2], p238 (2), p245 (3), p258 (2), p260 (2), p265 (2), p267 (3), p278, p279,
                                 p280 (2), p283 (2), p285 (3), p290 (2), p295, p303 (2), p309 (2), p319 (2), p321, p328 (2), p330 (2), p334 (2), p339 (2)
Taylor, Mosses A                 p345 (2)
Taylor, Peter M                  p606, p608
Taylor, Peter S                  p375
Taylor, Robert                   p023
Taylor, Samuel                   p043
Taylor, Vandereu                 p474
Taylor, William L                p630 (2), p632
Temple, Nathaniel                p050
Teneyke, Peter                   p157
Tenicke, Peter                   p159
Tentsman, Christopher            p245
Terhune, Peter I                 p175
Thacher, Charles                 p341
Thacher, John V                  p255
Thacher, Jonas                   p226, p245, p258
Thachir, Jonas                   p245
Thatcher, Charles                p380, p381
Thatcher, John C                 p358, p365
Thatcher, John V                 p627
Thatcher, Jonas                  p212
Thatcher, Nelson                 p379
Thatcher, Robert                 p380, p381, p403, p406, p543, p544
Theberath, Charles M             p592, p593
Thompson, David                  p551
Thompson, Hedge                  p145, p151, p152
Thompson, Jacob S                p115
Thompson, John                   p155, p198
Thompson, John A                 p529
Thompson, John R                 p242, p643
Thompson, Joseph                 p198, p209, p212, p218, p255, p627, p669
Thompson, Joseph W               p285
Thompson, Richard T              p178
Thomson, Jacob L                 p104, p623
Thomson, John                    p018
Thomson, Mark                    p029, p031, p039
Thomson, Thomas                  p208, p675
Thompson, Joseph                 p675
Thompson, Mark                   p062
Thorntson, John                  p168
Tifhier, ? Jacob                 p615
Tillerman, Harry                 p547
Tinchman, Peter                  p170
Tinsman, Christopher             p212, p226
Tinsman, John                    p375
Tinsman, Peter                   p198
Tinsman, Thomas P                p385, p387, p388, p390, p393
Tinsman, William                 p295 (2), p307
Tintman, Thomas P                p285
Todd, Jeremiah                   p354
Todd, John C                     p255, p627, p632, p646, p657
Tomlinson, C                     p382, p384, p386
Tomlinson, Charles               p341
Tomlinson, Francis               p271
Tomlinson, William Charles       p350
Tomlinson, ------                p347, p349, p351, p353, p355, p357, p359, p361, p364, p366, p368, p371, p374, p376, p378
Tompson, John A                  p526
Tomson, Joseph W                 p203, p385, p446, p447
Townisen, Cresse                 p151
Townsend, Israel                 p252, p641
Townsend, Jonathan               p682
Townsend, Joshua                 p215, p673
Travers, John                    p178 (2)
Travis, John                     p162
Trimmer, Emmanuel                p682
Trimmer, Henry                   p682
Trimmer, Henry S                 p540, p543, p544
Trimmer, John                    p170
Trimmer, L H                     p563
Tucker, Ebenezer                 p137, p145
Tucker, Ellett                   p058, p064, p066, p067
Tucker, Reuben D                 p119
Tuttle, Socrates                 p465, p471
Ulmer, J K                       p572, p573, p576
Ulmer, William W                 p572, p575
Urlson, ? Samuel                 p483
Urner, Benjamin                  p608
VanCamp, Abram                   p459, p462
Vancamp, Charles                 p170
Vancleve, Benjamin               p023, p027, p034, p037, p045, p048, p050, p055, p059, p064, p066, p067
Vancleve, John W                 p039
Vanderbelt, Furman               p256, p258 (2), p315, p459, p462
Vanderbelt, George O             p450
Vanderbelt, Holston              p245
Vanderbelt, Jacob                p076, p079, p085, p129
Vanderbelt, John                 p245
Vanderbelt, Oakly                p572, p573
Vanderbelt, Wholdston            p226 (3), p232, p241, p248, p250, p253, p269, p272, p273, p285, p303 (2), p305, p307, p321, p321
Vanderbelt, William              p165, p170, p198, p205
Vanderbelt, William Sr           p191
Vanderbelt, ?                    p218
Van Duersen, Staats              p215, p673
Vandycke, Jeremiah               p195
Vanfleet, Abraham V              p465, p471
Van Fleet, David                 p271, p341, p362, p380, p381
Vanfleet, David                  p288
VanLiew, Richard                 p632
Vanness, William                 p008
Van Nortwick, H F                p315, p317, p319, p321 (2), p322, p323, p324, p328 (2), p330, p336 (2)
Van Nostrade, Henry F            p471
Vannostrand, Henry D             p465
Vanortwick, Henry                p298, p300
Vansant, Garret                  p018
Vansickle, Aaron                 p110
Vansyckal, Aaron                 p066, p104
Vansyckel, Aaron                 p048, p079, p088, p091, p092, p623
Vansyckel, Andrew                p314, p326
Vansyckel, J H                   p546, p556
Vansyckel, John D                p245
Vansyckel, John H                p531, p532, p533
Vansyckle, Aron                  p095
Vansyckle, Aaron                 p064, p067, p074, p075, p090, p098, p101, p115, p127, p175, p611, p618, p621
Vansyckle, David                 p110, p112, p113
Van Wickle, Simon                p592, p593
Van Winkle, Cornelius            p363
Veghte, Rynier H                 p551, p552, p592
Vleit, Daniel                    p175
Vliet, Daniel                    p137, p155
Vliet, Joseph                    p397
Vliet, Simon W                   p193
Vliet, William                   p137, p139, p212, p226, p238 (2), p245, p258, p260 (2), p265 (2), p267 (2), p278, p279, p280 (2), p283 (2), p285, p290 (2), p295 (2),
                                 p298, p300, p303, p309 (2), p317 (2), p321, p328, p330 (2), p334 (2), p338 (2), p345, p350, p352 (2), p356 (2), p358, p365, p366,
                                 p367 (2)
Voorhees, Nathaniel W            p540
Voorhees, Peter                  p608
Vorheas, Charles                 p245
Vorheas, Cornelius               p165
Vorhiez, John M                  p336
Vorhis, John M                   p343, p354, p360, p362
Vroom, Peter D                   p052, p151, p203, p214, p288, p326, p397, p465, p470, p673, p679
Waggoner, William                p008
Ward, Thomas                     p104, p623
Waren, S M                       p354
Warford, Charles                 p226, p358, p365, p375, p387, p388, p429, p438, p441, p443 (2), p444, p447, p461, p468, p472, p474, p477, p478, p518, p523 (2)
Warford, David R                 p121, p123
Warner, Samuel                   p341
Warrack, Isaac                   p008
Wall, Garret D                   p123, p131, p134, p139, p149
Wall, Garrit D                   p121
Walsh, Cornelius                 p500, p503
Walters, Foster                  p079
Walton, Edward A                 p509, p513
Waters, Foster                   p076
Weader, Solaman                  p212
Wean, Matthias                   p578
Wean, Peter                      p303, p345, p350
Weart, Abraham                   p682
Weart, Andrew                    p110, p119, p181, p195
Weart, John                      p159
Weaver, Harrison                 p285
Weaver, Harrison E               p303
Weaver, Jacob                    p485
Webster, Samuel                  p006
Weider, John                     p365, p387, p393, p399 (2), p417, p419, p462, p474, p477, p478, p485, p496, p518, p519
Weider, Solomon                  p226 (2), p245 (2), p258, p267, p283
Welch, David                     p062, p080, p081
Welch, Jacob                     p010
Welling, Isaac                   p195
Welsh, David                     p115
Welsh, Henry                     p170
Welstead, Jonathan M             p466
Welsted, Edward                  p121, p129, p131, p134, p139, p141
Welsted, Jonathan M              p314, p471
Wert, Henry                      p008
Wert, Joseph R                   p314
West, Joseph                     p682 (2)
Westcott, James D Sr             p152
White, Alban                     p226
White, Alexander                 p151
White, James                     p183, p186, p187
Wickoff, Dennis                  p088, p090
Wickoff, Simon                   p027, p034, p037, p043, p045, p048, p050, p055, p058
Wieder, John                     p383 (2), p411, p412, p413 (2), p422 (2), p423, p424, p426, p429, p443
Wikoff, Daniel                   p646, p657, p659, p661, p671 (2)
Wikoff, Jacob                    p657
Wikoff, James H                  p632
Wikoff, John H                   p646, p657, p661, p671
Wikoff, John S                   p682
Wildrick, Isaac                  p288, p307
Willard, Henry                   p178
Williams, Amos                   p630
Williamson, Abraham              p682
Williamson, Adam                 p682
Williamson, Benjamin             p551
Williamson, John S               p635
Williamson, Levi                 p354
Williamson, Matthias             p029, p062
Williamson, Richard              p121
Wilson, I                        p643, p644
Wilson, Israel                   p203, p242, p635, p643 (2), p644, p647, p653, p657, p661, p667, p671, p679
Wilson, James J                  p090, p091, p092, p095, p098, p129, p131, p611, p618
Wilson, John                     p073, p127, p168
Wilson, John Capt                p661, p667, p671
Wilson, John H                   p627, p632 (2)
Wilson, John M                   p500, p504
Wilson, Peter (Doctor)           p137
Wilson, S                        p475
Wilson, Samuel                   p463, p464, p466, p467, p483, p489, p499, p501, p523
Wilson, William                  p193, p195, p222, p228, p232, p655, p662, p664
Winegarden, Herbert              p012
Winter, L C (Dr)                 p345
Wirt ?, Andrew                   p117
Wite, Alben                      p245, p258
Wolverton, Asher                 p165, p354
Wolverton, Daniel                p354
Wood, Joseph                     p149
Woodruff, Aaron D                p034
Woodruff, H L                    p345
Wooley, Jacob V                  p572
Woolverton, Asher                p170
Wortendyke, Cometious A          p592
Wortman, Gabriel D               p646
Worth, Josiah S                  p178
Wright, Benjamin                 p016, p045, p050, p052, p055, p058, p090, p093, p095, p098 (2), p099, p101, p104, p336, p343, p375, p387, p393, p395, p417, p419, p426,
                                 p443, p446, p447, p452, p453, p462, p618, p621, p623
Wright, Charles P                p608
Wright, Edwin R V                p380, p381
Wright, Elijah                   p258, p267, p285
Wright, Joseph C                 p417, p419, p429, p431, p440, p459, p480, p481, p483
Wright, Joshua                   p074, p075, p088
Wright, Nathaniel                p137, p139, p141, p146, p149, p152, p155, p157, p159, p162, p191, p198, p203, p679
Wright, Ruben R                  p226
Wright, Samuel G                 p176, p215, p673
Wright, Silus S                  p450
Wright, William                  p271, p326
Wrighter, David                  p027
Wurts, A                         p643
Wurts, Alexander                 p139, p155, p157, p159, p168, p248, p397, p639, p643 (2)
Wurtz, Alexander                 p242
Wyckoff, Denis                   p074, p075
Wyckoff, Dennis                  p064, p067, p079, p104, p623
Wyckoff, Denniss                 p131
Wyckoff, John                    p139
Wyckoff, Simon                   p023, p064, p066, p067
Yard, Benjamin                   p623
Yard, Edward                     p621, p623
Yard, Edwerd                     p101, p104 (2)
Yorke, Thomas Jones              p178, p203, p214, p673, p679
Young, Abraham                   p008, p018 (2)
Young, Corterious                p667, p671
Young, Edward F C                p592
Young, John R                    p314, p632, p646, p657, p661, p682
Young, Lewis                     p490, p492, p493, p500, p503, p504, p507, p510, p511, p514, p526, p529
Young, Nelson V                  p500, p503, p504, p507, p510, p511, p514, p525, p526, p529, p632, p646, p657, p661, p667, p671
Young, William A                 p593
Zabriskie, Cornelius C           p175